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Creative Vision Consulting, LLC.

"Good Marketing makes the company look smart.

Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart. "

Joe Chernov

Social Media Marketing  

  • Visibility
  •  Connectivity
  • Branding

Opening social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

• Coming up with detailed profiles and inserting links to company website.

• Writing, editing and sharing posts on social networks (a content creation strategy).

• Performing a social media audit: conduct thorough analysis on traffic, shares and mentions.

• Observing the company’s competitors on social media by looking at rankings, online visibility and keyword prioritization.

• Ensuring the small business has a mobile social media strategy for full optimization.

• Researching key hashtag conversations of the day and find out if it fits in with company’s messages and marketing objectives.

• Engaging with audience: responding to inquiries, sharing relevant information, thanking customers for mentions and purchases and posting promotions.

• Updating all social media accounts on a regular basis.

• Run a social media contest or challenge.

• Uploading photos to Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram as part of marketing strategy

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Web Design & Development/SEO 

A VA with experience in SEO and/or digital marketing will prove invaluable to your company. The right VA can boost web traffic, sales numbers and brand ubiquity with the right SEO and digital marketing techniques and strategies.

• Developing, updating and optimizing an SEO and web marketing strategy.

• Conducting a keyword research for website and performing a blog analysis.

• Setting up and creating a landing page.

• Starting an in-depth competitor analysis (targeted keywords, ranked content)

• Sitemap and webmaster submissions.

• Beginning a link building campaign and generating enough back links.

• Off-page optimization: commenting on other blogs, participating in forums and message boards and responding to the public on YouTube and news websites.

• Monitoring weekly and monthly Google Analytics reports; observing site traffic.

• Designing advertisements (banners, side panel graphics, etc.) and finding appropriate, high-traffic websites to place them on.

• Creating new list of email contacts, email newsletters and promotional copy.

• Establishing follow-up emails and auto respond and edit according to response rate.

• Designing logos, eBook covers, headers, icons and other graphic elements.

• Looking for a content marketing firm or publisher to post branded content.

• Reach out to media outlets and influencers to garner profiles by publishers.

• Audio & Video Editing

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