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Creative Vision Consulting, LLC.

CVC Consultants

Pepper Patterson

Operations & Innovation 

Creative Director

Phone: (855) 242-2421 Ext. 700

Email: [email protected]

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Dannette Johnson

Administrative Solutions 

Creative Director

Phone: (855) 242-2421 Ext. 701

Email: [email protected]

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Kisha Scott (KScott)

Social Media 

Creative Director

Phone: (855) 242-2421 Ext. 703

Email: [email protected]

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Toshea Thomas

Professional Concierge Solutions Creative Director

Phone: (855) 242-2421 Ext. 704

Email: [email protected]

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Pepper Patterson 

"The Innovation Builder" 

Operations & Innovation Creative Director

An innovative thinker, a solution finder, a catalytic leader, and a master builder among many other titles is who Pepper Patterson is. If you ask her clients who Pepper is, they would without a doubt tell you she is a innovation builder who honors her commitments to others and works diligently to surpass expectations and deliver a sustainable outc​ome.  One of Pepper’s greatest strengths is her ability to connect diverse groups of individuals together.

A military brat and army veteran mixed with some Louisiana roots and Texas strength; Pepper, a woman of resiliency, grit, and determination, with over 20 years of diverse professional experience to include an array of various roles in leadership from office and apartment management, information technology services, retail operations, and the hospitality industry. Throughout her various roles, one thing has remained constant and that is her love and desire for business operations and management. She realized early in her career she had a special knack for establishing processes to eliminate barriers resulting in increased productivity. Breaking generational curses, Pepper paved the way for her family by being a first-generation college graduate earning a Bachelors of Science in Business with a focus in General Management from the University of Phoenix.

Pepper, the creative visionary behind Creative Vision Consulting, LLC., works to assist others with tapping into their creativity to turn their vision into an operational and sustainable business. Many consider her to be the master of complex puzzles! Pepper wholeheartedly believes that many people are equipped with natural born talent however they may need some assistance with bringing all the puzzle pieces together to execute. That is where Pepper thrives. Pepper has a unique gift for taking fragmented thoughts and establishing processes that empowers business owners to lead their business with full confidence.

She is a “Jill” of all trades and a master of many. In 2019, Pepper expanded her consulting firm with the acquisition of Peace, Love & Travel Agency to honor her love and appreciation of the vast spectrum of cultures and languages. Pepper has always had a strong desire to research the unknown to find the greatest outcomes and she considers herself to be a life student always challenging herself to learn more and experience more. If you are looking for a consultant that will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations in strategic development and planning for business executions or travel services look no further.

Fun Fact: Her friend call her “Project Prep” or “Handy Mandy” because she can literally just show up with tools in her hand and get to building!

Education: BS in Business (Certification in General Managememt)

Certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified Bookkeeper (CB)

IRS Tax Professional (EA)

Commissions: Remote Online Notary/ Loan Signing Agent

Dannette Johnson, 

Administrative Solutions Creative Director

As a military brat who has traveled the world Dannette found what she calls to be her “home” in Brooklyn, NY. It was in Brooklyn where she had the opportunity to attend middle school and high school. Though after being exposed to countless amazing life experiences in New York she decided to return to her birthplace of San Antonio, TX after 43 years. It is here in San Antonio where Dannette is now partaking in the soul stimulating journey of discovering and understanding who she is as a proud fearless Scorpio woman.

When asked what her proudest accomplishments were, she stated that she is proud to have earned a Master’s Degree and established a successful career but her absolute proudest accomplishments are wrapped around her children Anthony and Addison. The bonus is now she gets the honor of experiencing herself in the role of being a grandmother known as GiGi to her first grandchild Jayce.

With 20 plus years of experience working in various aspects of business administration and logistics Dannette has built an extensive portfolio that has equipped her to think critically, be detail-oriented and a master planner that positions the clients of Creative Vision Consulting to be successful. With a Bachelors in Business Management and a Masters degree in Organizational Curriculum and Instruction she has gained valuable knowledge and skills that allows her to strategically share her passion of creating efficient processes that deliver desired results with clients.

Dannette has been with Creative Vision Consulting since it was birthed and has had the pleasure of seeing it expand and reach new levels over the past couple of years. Like many others on the team Dannette too is a master of many skills and abilities. Dannette provides direct services to clients that include but is not limited to virtual assistance, payroll processing, account payables and receiving along with many other human resources operating functions.

Fun Fact: She is obsessed with LIONS!

Kisha Scott (KScott), 

Social Media Creative Director

KScott, a content strategist, brand developer, engagement specialist, and data analyst, is the Social Media Creative Director for Creative Vision Consulting, Inc. Kisha has an exceptional gift for sharing the stories of brands that not only draws in consumers for businesses but makes those consumers want to build long-lasting relationships.

Kisha is a San Antonio, Texas native who has tore down generational barriers by becoming a first- generation college graduate. In December of 2018 Kisha earned her Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Social Media Marketing from the University of Incarnate Word. Kisha’s professional experience includes insurance investigations, social media management, event coordination, talent management, customer relations, and apparel design.

Kisha has provided extensive services to promote the National Women’s Conference with 150+ attendees, lead a team of 20 volunteers to host the Girls Who Conquer Conference, designed and implemented the social marketing campaigns for Belle Views Women’s Empowerment Group among a host of other amazing accomplishments. Though her greatest accomplishment to date is marrying her best friend in November 2012.

Kisha a woman of dedication and clothed in many talents would describe herself as being an optimistic “people person” who seeks diligently to find the good in everything and everyone. One of her greatest characteristics is her ability to persevere regardless of her circumstances. Kisha has a passion for being that edgy creative thinker for others to allow them to see the bigger picture of “what could be” instead of focusing on “what is.”

Fun Fact: She lives outside of the box on purpose. If it belongs in a box, it is definitely not for her! One of her favorite quotes is, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Totshea Thomas, 

Professional Concierge Solutions Creative Director

A dependable, trustworthy individual, who is honest, versatile, respectful and full of patience is who Totshea Thomas is. Totshea is a first-generation college graduate who doesn’t shy away from taking on new responsibilities that would allow her to learn and grow as an individual. She is a devoted wife first, a nurturing mother second, and a veteran to the greatest military branch; the United States Airforce, third.

Totshea’s superpower is her ability to be flexible in situations which are highly stressful. She accredits that to her years of military experience of learning to make the best of unpredictable conditions. It was in the military where she learned some of her greatest characteristics are the ability to motivate and empower those around her. One of her fondest memories was when she was in the military working in a negative environment with a staff full of burnout and she had to work diligently to build relationships, address work related trauma to create a positive work environment full of productive and supportive team members. Totshea has shown to be a leader of noble character but she strives daily to be a better leader than she was the day before.

Totshea’s role at Creative Vision Consulting, Inc. is to create a positive lasting experience for all clients. With her positive outlook on life Totshea has a unique gift for making people feel secure in times of great anxiety. She has been known to calm down even the toughest bear! At Creative Vision Consulting, Inc. Totshea is the hard-working machine behind the curtain. Meticulously working to connect the dots to ensure all interactions are as smooth as possible with little to no stress. Totshea catches the little details that you may forget in the process but is needed to have to establish that lasting impact.